Bryneglwys, Muriel, North Wales, Photography

School House

This is the house that grannie lived in from the age of 3. Her father Thomas Owen was the headmaster at the village school from 1920-1951. The school is the building to the right of the house.

Grannie can remember arriving in Bryngelwys from Llanynys on the back of a traction engine with her parents, her brother Jack and their belongings. Remembering that she was only 3 at the time, she can vividly recall being lifted from the trailer by Dick Hughes, who lived in Ty’n Bedw, who carried her into the living area and put her to sit on a wicker chair.

Naturally seeing the house was the first stop we made in the village.


© Mary Pearson

Bryneglwys, Muriel, North Wales, Photography

The Journey

My grandmother Muriel is 100: it is an incredible achievement to have reached that age. My Grannie, mum and myself are very close, we all live together and have done for a number of years.

As I come to the end of my masters degree in photography, I am looking for new ideas to sustain me both artistically and intellectually. Grannie and I have been discussing working on a project together about her life as a child in Bryneglwys and this has proved to be a perfect opportunity to start this work together.

We have just returned from 5 days in North Wales visiting Bryneglwys. I know that grannie has an excellent memory, but to see it in practice and tell us about the people who lived in each house and farm – about their families, their struggles was a moving experience. These are memories going back 97 years.

Over the next few days, weeks and months I will be adding to this blog: the memories she has, the new memories we have made, along with the old photographs and new ones I have taken using her Box Brownie which she had when she was 12.

It is an exciting prospect and I am looking forward to the journey ahead of us.